Summer vacation is a time for relaxation and leisure for most of the student parties. But there is such a group of young people who are responsible, courageous and dedicated. Instead of staying at home, they participate in volunteer work in the name of youth and selfless dedication.


    The work of the library looks simple, but it is complex and heavy, requiring volunteers' patience and wisdom to complete successfully. Volunteers in the Service Department are responsible for registering readers, taking their temperature, receiving readers, and providing advice and answers; volunteers in the Library Services Department are responsible for disinfecting books, shelving books, and repairing damaged books; volunteers in the Activities Department give full play to their talents, cooperate with the staff in organizing various activities to increase the atmosphere of the activities, skillfully operate the projection equipment, and maintain order at the scene……


    During the regular epidemic prevention and control, each volunteer did his or her duty and cooperated tacitly, fully demonstrating the new civilized style of contemporary youth. In fact, in addition to what we have seen, there are also a number of young people who regret not being able to give their love and care because of the epidemic closure, and they have said that they will continue to carry forward the volunteer spirit in the future! The library will continue to provide volunteer positions for them to experience the selfless joy of "giving to others"! A thousand words are combined into one sentence:

"We 00s, good job!"