Suining Library Service Responsibilities

Chapter 1 Overview of the Museum

Article 1    Suining County Library was built in early 1960, formerly known as Suining County Library, and was moved out of the Culture Hall for independent office in 1979. 2014, the new library was re-located and rebuilt, and the construction of the new library, which is located in the west of the East Flower Path of Bikini Garden on Yong'an Road, started, with a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters, was completed and put into use in January 2017.

Article 2    The library pursues the purpose of "readers first, service first" and provides high-quality and civilized services. We insist on not closing the library on holidays, implement the "first question responsibility system", "service commitment system", carry out etiquette services, take the initiative to recommend books and guide reading. Actively provide consulting services, reservation services, tracking services, free lending and other comprehensive services for the disadvantaged groups; at the same time, set up 16 book circulation service points in the army, old cadres activity center, fire brigade and duty booths, regularly replace new books, do a good job of door-to-door service to meet the needs of readers at different levels.

Article 3    Division of library service areas:

First floor: reading room for young children (to provide reading of young children's books), children's lending room (to provide lending of children's books), visually impaired lending room (to provide lending of Braille books), periodicals reading room (to provide reading of various newspapers and periodicals), self-service area (self-service lending of library cards), small lecture hall (to carry out small lectures, training and performance activities for readers), exhibition hall (to undertake various public welfare cultural exhibitions) The second floor: the main service desk (mainly for readers to conduct small lectures, training and performances), and the exhibition hall (for various public interest cultural exhibitions)

Second Floor: General Service Desk (mainly responsible for receiving visitors, answering readers' inquiries, registering and summarizing readers' complaints, suggestions, praise and other letters, handling interlibrary loan services, as well as processing, issuing, losing, replacing, returning and annual registration of library cards), Literature Lending Room (providing literature books for borrowing), Comprehensive Lending Room (providing all kinds of books for borrowing), Editing Room (responsible for book (responsible for cataloging books, audiovisual documents and newspapers and periodicals, binding and registering them in the library).

Third floor: Electronic Reading Room (providing readers with services such as browsing, checking and downloading of Internet and digital literature resources), Multimedia Room (for audio and video resource demonstration, training and small meetings), Multi-function Room (holding public lectures and daily reader activities), etc.

Fourth floor: readers' exchange room, experts' seminar room, conference room (for various small and medium-sized training and lectures, as well as internal library training, meetings and audio-visual presentations) and some offices and collection rooms, etc.

Chapter 2  Service Features

Article 4   Free Opening

The paper documents, electronic documents and other carrier documents in the Suining County Library (including town-level libraries and farmhouse libraries) are open to the public for free, among which books can be borrowed, while periodicals, newspapers, tools and ancient books cannot be borrowed.

Borrowing period: two books can be borrowed at a time for a period of 30 days, which can be renewed after the expiration of the period, subject to the payment of a default fee.

Article 5  Universal borrowing and returning

The new library adopts the automatic and digital management system and implements the "one card" system of universal borrowing and returning in communities and towns in the city. Readers can enjoy the service of "through borrowing and returning" between the main library and branches of Suining County Library, that is, books borrowed from any library can be returned to any library in the main library or branches.

Chapter 2 Reader Services

Article 6  Admission

1.After applying for a library card according to the regulations of the library, readers should consciously abide by the following terms and conditions to accept the staff at your service.

2.Be civilized and polite. You should enter the library with neat and tidy clothes, civilized language, and appropriate manners.

3. When borrowing or reading books, please take the initiative to show your library card or other valid documents to the staff and enter the lending area.

4. Please do not bring items (food, water cups, drinks, etc.) or opaque bags into the lending area, and please keep your belongings, especially valuables, in a safe place. It is strictly forbidden to enter the library after drinking. Accompanying persons should wait outside the work area.

5.Be socially conscientious, keep the room quiet, please set your cell phone to vibrate, do not affect others when you make calls. 

6.Maintain public hygiene, no smoking, no snacking, no spitting, no littering. Please do not bring pets, food or drinks into the lending rooms.

7.Take care of the public literature resources, do not deface, scratch, tear the literature, so as not to affect other people's reading and your future reading.

8.Please consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the library and support the staff to work according to the rules.

Article 7  How to get a certificate

1. Objects and conditions of card issuance

Readers who need to borrow books can apply for Suining County Library library cards at the service counter or self-service card machine with their original valid second-generation ID cards and a deposit of 100 yuan. Each person is limited to one library card.

Children readers aged between 6 and 13 can apply for a Suining County Library children's library card at the service counter with their original family register and a deposit of RMB 100. Each person is limited to one library card.

The library library card is issued under the ID card number access system, that is, only one ID card can be issued for one library card. The lending card is valid for one year, after the expiration of which the reader can continue to use the card by registering it for free (if entrusted to others, the agent must hold his or her ID card and the original ID card of the entrusted person).

3. Function types of library card

According to the different types of readers, the library card has the following two service functions for readers to choose to open, adult library card: borrow 2 books in the literature and comprehensive lending room, and read literature in the periodical reading room of the library. Children's library card: 2 copies of children's books can be borrowed in the children's lending room.

4. Lost, replacement and refund of deposit

If you lose your library card, you should take your ID card or family register to the library office to apply for the lost card and get a new one. The reader will be responsible for any loss caused by failure to register the loss in time.

Return the card: Before returning the card, you must clean up all the borrowing matters, bring the original copy of the borrowing card, your ID card or family register to the card office for the return procedures. If you entrust someone else to handle it, the representative must also present his or her ID card and a copy, the original ID card or household register of the borrower (or a copy), and the borrower's card.

Refund of deposit: Readers who apply for a library card and no longer registered, can hold their ID card and library card, confirmed by the system without arrears, arrears of books, fill out the refund application form, the issuing office to take back the library card, return the reader deposit, close the reader card lending function; if entrusted to others, the agent needs to hold his ID card and the original ID card of the delegate for processing. If the library card is lost, the reader should complete the lost procedure one week later and then proceed to refund the deposit.

5. Explanation of related matters

Readers should count the library card and cash in person during the process of library card application. If the loss of library card causes the loss of our library resources, the applicant of the library card shall bear the responsibility of compensation.

Article 8  Borrowing Rules

    1.Readers holding Suining County Library library cards can go through the procedures of borrowing and returning books and periodicals in our library and read all kinds of literature resources in our library; readers showing valid documents can read all kinds of literature resources in our library; readers over 18 years of age holding their second-generation ID cards can enter the electronic reading room for reading; library cards with the function of borrowing children's literature can only be used in the children's service area. All children readers entering the children's reading area must be accompanied by their parents.

    2. The lending period for books and periodicals is 30 days and can be renewed once during the lending period. Overdue service fee will be charged at 0.10 Yuan/day/book for overdue borrowed books and periodicals.

    3. Readers can renew the loan online according to our library's online renewal rules.

    4. Before readers leave the lending area with the borrowed or copied documents, please check whether the documents are damaged (folded, scratched, circled, written, torn, swapped, etc.), defaced or missing pages, and explain the problems to the staff in time, and the staff will deal with them before lending or copying. If the returned documents are found to be damaged, defaced or missing pages without the staff's confirmation, they will be dealt with according to the "Regulations on Compensation for Damaged and Lost Documents".

    5. Please do not take any documents out of the lending area without going through lending or photocopying procedures, otherwise it will be considered as theft and the card will be cancelled or handled according to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Management Punishment.

    6. Please do not make loud noises, answer cell phones or eat in the lending areas of the library.

    7. If there are other lending rules announced in each reading room, please follow them.

Article 9 Compensation for damage and loss of literature by readers

    1. Readers borrowing our library literature, when going through the procedures, must check the original literature in person, found defacement, missing pages and other phenomena to declare in a timely manner, or return the book found when the problem, the borrower is responsible for compensation.

    2. Ordinary Chinese and foreign language books and journals that are defaced and do not affect the reading of the text: 20% of the original price will be compensated.

    3. If ordinary Chinese and foreign language books and journals are lost or seriously defaced to the extent that they affect the reading of the text, compensation will be made at two times the original price of the books and journals.

    4. If precious books and journals, out-of-print books and journals are defaced or lost, the amount of compensation will be decided separately depending on the value of the books and journals.

    5. For intentional destruction of documents (such as cutting, tearing, stealing, etc.), in addition to compensation for document defacement, the relevant departments will be sent to the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China".

    6. For those who steal documents, in addition to recovering the original documents, they will be sent to the relevant departments for treatment according to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Management Punishment.

    7. Regardless of the circumstances, the reader's damaged documents, after handling the compensation, will be returned to our library for processing.

    8. RFID electronic chip is lost or damaged by man, readers need to pay the chip data duplication and processing fee of 6 yuan.

Chapter 4  Employee Management

Article 10  Code of Ethics

1. Loyalty to the library business, strict compliance with the library professional conduct, love and dedication to their work.

2. Enhance service consciousness, respect all readers, protect the legitimate rights and interests of readers, listen to readers' opinions, and provide quality services for readers sincerely and enthusiastically.

3. Consciously abide by social ethics, strict self-discipline, with civilized and standardized words and actions, to establish a good image of the library people.

4. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the library, consciously care for the library's documentary resources and public service facilities, and enhance the awareness of safety precautions.

5. Establish the concept of lifelong learning, strengthen the conscientiousness of learning and research, and strive to improve the overall quality of ideological and political level, cultural level and business skills.

6. Conscientiously perform job duties, establish a strong sense of responsibility, strive for excellence in business, be good at summarizing experience, actively develop and improve efficiency and service quality.

7. Participate actively in collective activities, take the initiative to participate in voluntary work and public welfare activities, establish a sense of the overall situation, team spirit, and consciously safeguard the collective interests and reputation.

8. Treat colleagues with sincerity, solidarity and love, mutual respect and learning from each other; cooperate and work together, coordinate and take responsibility; adhere to principles, dare to carry out criticism and self-criticism, and consciously resist various undesirable tendencies.

Article 11  Environmental specifications

1. Keep the reader lending and activity places and internal office environment neat and tidy. Office appliances are placed in order, cashier's desk, desk, filing cabinet, office equipment, etc. are clean and tidy.

2. In the readers' activity place, the cashier's desk shall not place other miscellaneous things except the books and magazines, computers and necessary office supplies borrowed by readers.

3. Keep the wall neat and tidy. In the readers' activity place, no duty list, pictorial inserts, pictures, etc. shall be posted at will, and the propaganda materials and rules and regulations that need to be on the wall shall be hung uniformly with the consent of the library.

4. Keep the reading tables and chairs in the readers' activity place neatly arranged for the convenience of readers; after the readers leave or clear the place after work, the chairs should be returned to their places in time.

5. The potted plants placed in the readers' activity place shall be arranged by the property management department; the potted plants placed in each internal office must be agreed by the department, and in principle, a small amount shall be used for decoration, and the water catching tray shall be placed smoothly at the bottom of the pot, and the pot shall not be hung on the door or window at will. In the office area, pets such as dogs and cats are strictly prohibited.

6. Use seasonal supplies such as electric fans and air conditioners correctly and safely, and report problems to the Logistics Department or the Property Management Department in a timely manner according to the procedures; in the non-use season, clean, maintain and collect the work well.

7. In the internal office of each department, no other items should be placed on the desk except for documents, water cups and necessary office utensils; books and materials in bookcases and filing cabinets must be put away neatly; all personal belongings should be stored in the locker; the desk (desk) should be cleaned up before the end of the day.

Article 12  Instrument specification

1. Keep the grooming amiable and dignified, neat and generous instrument. Female employees should be light and elegant if they wear makeup.

2. all wear work permits when going to work. It is strictly forbidden to wear undershirt (including suspenders), slippers (including fashion slippers) and any exaggerated ornaments to work.

Article 13  Code of Conduct

1. Strictly abide by the reader activity place opening hours, before the opening of the library to do a good job of receiving readers; before the closing time shall not rush readers to leave.

2. In the work station, should be full of spirit, energy concentration, not lazy, shall not put the feet on the table, chair or bookshelf; shall not face the reader to cut nails, yawn, stretch; cashier desk staff shall not turn their backs to the reader.

3. When receiving readers in a standing posture, the body should face the readers and look at them squarely; when receiving readers in a sitting posture, the head should be raised to look at them squarely; when walking, the reader should stop and face the reader, pay attention to listen and answer the reader's questions.

4. Do not eat meals and fruits, snacks during working hours; forbid drinking alcohol during working hours (including lunchtime); do not smoke in the library.

5. Keep and maintain the quiet of the readers' activity place, no loud noise, no gathering gossip; keep light footsteps to avoid noise affecting readers.

6. Do not string, off duty, do private work, etc. during working hours. Do not read recreational books and newspapers. Do not use the computer to access the Internet for entertainment. Do not make long phone calls or play with cell phones. Do not let relatives and children stay for a long time, affecting the office. Service window staff on duty, the cell phone to silent state.

7. Receive readers with enthusiasm and sincerity, generous demeanor; seriously for the reader to borrow and other procedures; do not ignore the reader, or the reader pointing, commenting, imitation, ridicule.

8. Provide library materials, return the reader library card or other documents and change, should be submitted directly to the reader's hands, not to the cashier's desk thrown down.

9. In the open shelf service area on the book, the whole shelf, the action should be light, can not affect the reader, if the reader is choosing books between the shelves, or first avoid this shelf, or greeting with the reader, after work to thank the reader.

10. For readers who need to copy information, they should first ask the reader the page number and number of copies of the information they need to copy, and be careful and meticulous in copying to ensure the integrity and clarity of the copied information. If the readers are not satisfied with the photocopied information, the photocopies should not be forced to the readers; when collecting the photocopying fee, they should sing and pay.

11. Listen to the readers' opinions humbly, do not quarrel with them, and apologize to them if there is any mistake in the work.

12. To the library to inspect the higher leadership and foreign visitors, the staff should take the initiative to stand up, smile and welcome, to be courteous and polite, not to ignore.

Article 14  Language specification

1. When receiving readers, we should use civilized language and respectful language.

2. The entire service process shall not discuss, make fun, sarcasm, sarcasm, blame, blame the reader, shall not speak dirty words, foul language, staff members are not allowed to pass the buck to each other.

3. When encountering problems that cannot be solved or cannot be solved for a while, must patiently explain to the reader and apologize, not allowed to use the language of shirking responsibilities, and strictly forbidden to argue with the reader.

4. The use of Putonghua is advocated when receiving readers and official correspondence.